New Jersey Wedding Planning 


Our team is available for weddings and events throughout New Jersey, New York City and beyond, Simone Vega Events specializes in personalized touches and seamless executions for people too busy or overwhelmed to plan them on their own.

You thrive on relationships and your wedding day is a special time to be surrounded by your closest friends and family, but you shouldn’t have to give up your time now to get that. We know you're passionate about creating a wedding or event as deeply personal and unique as your memories, experiences, and relationships, because there's definitely nothing cookie-cutter about you. 

• Sip coffee with your sisters
• Check out that new eclectic restaurant with your love
• Surf online for airline tickets for your next adventure
• Listen to your favorite vinyl record or playlist for the third time today

Although you want to design an event with all the personal touches and having your wedding featured in a magazine would be great, you still want to be able to have time to:

Truth is, you’d rather be real, than Instagramable

connect with us!

Trusting your event in the hands of an established and professional planner doesn’t mean you can’t have a personalized and unique wedding or event; it simply guarantees less stress for you and more time for what really matters. 

Slow down, pause for a moment, and know that:

She is a lifesaver


You deserve to dance the night away on your wedding day like nobody’s watching.


Your wedding day is your opportunity to enjoy the gifts that life has given you.


Your vision matters and it can become a reality. 


Weddings and events are a time of joy, and planning them should never be a drag.


We Believe

 - Keyma

“I have experienced a lot of situations where the vision in my head for an event is not the vision that comes to fruition when I put it in someone else's hands. Simone took the vision in my crazy head and made it even better than I imagined it could be.”

...Better than I imagined it could be...

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Are modern and unique with personalized touches

We serve weddings and events of all sizes, from intimate to grand, that:


Promote peace, fun, and love 


Have luxe modern touches but are not over the top


Take place in simple and luxe destinations


Remain memorable to guests for years to come

If this sounds like your wedding or event, 

Simone Vega Events offers Wedding Management & Event Design. We cohesively put together designs for weddings and events that perfectly reflect each individual client’s personality, taste, and lifestyle. Our New Jersey Wedding Planning team enjoys serving others and have the experience to handle any event, but our heart belongs to those that want to create a uniquememorable, real or soulful wedding day.